Getting married soon? Here's a hassle-free wedding checklist to make things easier

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If you're getting married soon, here are some of the most important things to prepare to make sure the day you get hitched goes off without a hitch!

Having the wedding of your dreams requires time, effort, and countless list and reminders. If you’re parents who have yet to tie the knot, having a wedding on a budget can become much more important, as you have the needs of your little one to think about.

We previously shared some tips on how to have a great wedding on a budget, now let’s take a closer look at some of the important things you should include in your checklist, regardless of how much you’re willing to spend.

Planning your big day is all in the little details. Here’s a checklist you can refer to, or improve on, starting at one year and a half until the week of your big day!

12 to 18 months before your wedding

  • Decide on a budget for both the ceremony and reception
  • Choose between a church or civil ceremony
  • Book a church and registrar
  • Choose your venue for both and book it as early as possible!
  • Set a date
  • Create a guest list

9 to 12 months before your wedding

  • Start choosing your wedding dress (if off-the-rack) or start having it fitted if it’s custom
  • Choose your entourage: bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, best man, sponsors, etc.
  • Send your entourage invitations to be part of your wedding
  • Send your Save the Date cards on everyone on your guest list
  • Book your chosen photographer and videographer
  • Choose a band and DJ and book them for the event
  • Create a delicious menu and book a catering company
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6 to 9 months before your wedding

  • Choose an event stylist and florist
  • Order your cake in advance
  • Create or order wedding souvenir
  • Start looking for the best person to do your hair and makeup on the big day! (Make sure to book artists for your entourage, too!)
  • Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s outfits
  • Book your wedding host
  • Check if added entertainment is necessary for the reception, aside from the band/DJ
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3 to 6 months before your wedding

  • Book your honeymoon!
  • Purchase your wedding rings, giving time for adjustments if necessary
  • Book accomodations near the venue for before and after the wedding
  • Begin writing your vows
  • Choose a gift registry and create a wishlist
  • Book the priest, pastor, or judge who will officiate the wedding
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0 to 3 months before your wedding

  • Send out your wedding invitations
  • Buy sweet tokens and gifts for your entourage
  • Have another dress fitting to make alterations if needed
  • Break in your wedding shoes and practice by using them at home
  • Remind the best man and maid of honor to write speeches
  • Write speeches of your own
  • Begin to write Thank You notes
  • Test your bridal hair and make-up and take photos!
  • Contact the venue and caterers to know if there are any issues that need to be sorted out

The week of the wedding

  • Contact catering company, venue, and all suppliers a few days to make sure everyone arrives on time
  • Rehearse the wedding march with the entourage a day before the wedding
  • Make sure to pay outstanding balances
  • Get pampered! Manicure, pedicure, etc.

Most importantly, relax and get some beauty rest!

Your big day is fast approaching!

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