Could your weight be causing problems in your marriage?

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While it's true that you should love your body, taking care of yourself does play a large role in your married life.

It's a common sight to find that couples gain some weight after they get married.

It could be due to a lot of factors, such as work, having kids, or being too busy. In some cases, couples don't find this weight gain a problem, but sometimes, it could be secretly causing problems in your marriage.

Losing weight isn't easy

It's hard to admit that you've gained weight. For a lot of women, it's a very sensitive topic, and it can bring up a lot of painful feelings when you talk about it.

And hearing about it from your husband doesn't make things any easier. Which is why it's important to talk about it with your husband.

If you feel that they're starting to withdraw from you, or if it seems that they're growing cold, then talk to them about it. Losing weight isn't always about looking good, sometimes it's a reflection of how well you're taking care of yourself, and gaining a lot of weight might give the impression that you've let yourself go.

Sometimes, it's the other way around

Surprisingly, there are also stories of plus-sized women who had problems when they lost weight.

Sometimes, their husbands feel that their wives look "too good" or are "better than them" and it causes feelings of anxiety, envy, and some husbands feel that everyone's out to steal their wife, which can cause a lot of strain on the marriage.

In some cases, the wife feels that their husband isn't handsome or fit enough, and in turn that can cause them to lose interest in physical intimacy with their husband.

It's about acceptance

The important thing to remember in a marriage is that people change. Aside from changes in your behavior, your physical attributes also do change. As people grow older, their metabolism slows down, and it's inevitable that you'll weigh more as you grow older.

And it's true that you and your spouse should accept the truth that you won't always look your best until you grow old, it's still your responsibility to take care of yourself. Aside from looking good, being healthy is also very important, and proper diet and exercise can help you be healthy and confident.

You can even do it as a couple activity, you can try working out together so that the both of you can motivate each other to have a better and healthier lifestyle.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that even if your spouse gains weight, or loses weight, you should always stand by each other, and love each other, no matter what you look like.



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