Have you ever wondered what your baby does inside your uterus?

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It's something that all moms have always wanted to find out, what does your baby actually do inside your uterus? Watch the amazing video here!

All moms know that their babies move around a lot inside their uterus, especially during the 3rd trimester of their pregnancy. But have you ever stopped and think: what baby does in your womb?

It's not just kicks and bumps!

Whenever your baby moves around your tummy, you usually think that it's just kicks and bumps, but there are times where your baby can sometimes move around forcefully, even causing some discomfort.

It's really surprising how much movement babies do while inside the womb, and the viral video below just shows how much movement your little one is doing while inside your womb:

When does it usually happen?

Usually, moms feel their little one move around their tummies between weeks 14 and 26. But most moms feel it between weeks 18-22 on average. If you haven't felt any movement beyond the 26th week, then it's important to consult your OB/GYN about it.

Your baby's movements are a good indicator of their health, and if you feel a sudden decrease in their movements, it can be a possible sign that there's a problem. This is why monthly check-ups and ultrasound is important, as it's a good way for your doctor to ensure that your baby is developing normally inside your womb.

Source: familyshare.comwhattoexpect.com

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