What do your kids want for Christmas?

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Kids say "NO" to clothes for Christmas.


Just a helpful tip for parents who are planning to buy presents for their kids this Christmas: No clothes, please!

Carol Slotterback of the University of Scranton has analyzed over a thousand letters sent by kids to Santa Claus between 1998 to 2003 through the central post office in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The letters were carefully written to make sure that "the guy in a red suit" gives them their Christmas wish.

According to Today, some of the letters were really funny while others were definitely heart-wrenching. Among the most requested items are a microscope, a puppy and a new mummy. Some letters had family requests with kids asking for the healing of a grandparent or for the reconciliation of mom and dad. But a lot of children said they didn't want any clothes for Christmas. I guess parents have to be more creative when doing their Christmas shopping.

It's delightful to know that most of the requests were not just for toys. If parents would just read their children's Christmas wish list, they would realize how simple and sincere their kids' requests are.

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