What exactly are fidget spinners, and should you buy one for your kid?

What exactly are fidget spinners, and should you buy one for your kid?

We'll answer all of your questions about the new hit toy that's trending all over social media!

So, you've seen them on social media, you might have seen kids playing with them, and your kids might have asked you to buy them one. But what are fidget spinners exactly?

What exactly are fidget spinners?

In a nutshell, fidget spinners are toys that were originally designed to help kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) focus and manage their attention. They've been used by teachers and therapists for a long time before they became popular off-the-shelf toys.

Fidget spinners are good for people with ADHD because they need constant stimulation which fidget spinners provide. Fidget spinners can help them concentrate and focus their attention towards an activity. In this regard, fidget spinners are very useful, not only as toys, but as devices to help people focus.

Additionally, you might have experienced how 'fidgeting' can help you focus. If you've ever twirled a pen during a class or meetings, tap pencils, or doodle on paper, then you should know how fidgeting can help you focus.

Fidget spinners can have a negative effect

On the other hand, for kids without ADHD, fidget spinners can have a negative and opposite effect. Instead of helping them focus, their attention get focused towards playing with the toy, and it can cause distractions during class, and while they're studying.

There have been complaints from teachers and parents saying that fidget spinners are distracting kids, and some schools have even thought of banning them outright because they're too much of a distraction.

However, it still depends on the child on whether or not they'll be too distracted by playing with a fidget spinner or not, since if you think about it, kids have been playing with toys since ancient times, and a fidget spinner shouldn't be any different.

Should I get my child a fidget spinner?

For parents whose kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, then a fidget spinner is a good way to help them focus on their tasks. You can talk to your child's psychologist or therapist and ask them if they would recommend fidget spinners for your child.

For kids who don't have ADHD, you can still buy them fidget spinners. However, keep in mind that just like their other toys, there's a time and place when it comes to playing with fidget spinners. If it's time to study, or if they're in school, you shouldn't let them play with fidget spinners since it can be very distracting. As always, it's important to teach your kids responsibility, and only let them play with their fidget spinners once they're done with their schoolwork.

At the end of the day, fidget spinners are just toys, and it really depends on your child if whether or not it becomes a problem.

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