What should you do if your child misses their vaccination schedule?

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For one reason or another, your child might have missed their vaccination schedule. However, don't fret! Here's what you need to do.

Vaccinations are important, that much is true. Aside from keeping your child safe and free from infection, getting your child vaccinated also prevents your child from becoming a carrier, and thus can help prevent unvaccinated children from getting sick.

However, in some cases, your child might miss his or her scheduled vaccination. What's a mom to do?

Don't panic!

For the most part, if your child misses a shot, it's okay. Kids who missed their shots at 2 months can start taking their shots later, and children who have received some shots when they were younger can catch up on their shots.

However, it's important to note that you should never postpone your child's scheduled vaccinations just because you know that they can catch up. Each day that goes by without your child getting vaccinated puts them more at risk of being infected with a disease.

Get your child vaccinated as soon as possible

Vaccines save lives, there's no 2 ways about it. And as much as various anti-vaccination groups try and discredit vaccines by saying that vaccines are bad for your children, or vaccines can cause autism and other diseases in your child, there's currently no significant scientific study to back up those claims.

In fact, not vaccinating your children puts them in direct risk of being infected by diseases that can easily be prevented through vaccination.

It also places other children at risk because of a phenomenon called "herd immunity", which means that if there's a high population of individuals who are immune to a certain disease, then the chances of someone who's not immune to the disease getting infected will be significantly lower.

On the other hand, if a large majority of the population is not immune to the disease, then all it takes for everyone to be infected is a single infection that will quickly spread throughout the population.

This is why vaccines are important, and children should always be vaccinated in order to keep them away from disease.

Source: medicinenet.com

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