10 Things husbands should say to their pregnant wives

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Dads-to-be, here are things you should not forget to tell your wife to make her feel beautiful and loved throughout pregnancy!

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for any woman, so it helps to have someone by their side, who not only care for them, but who make sure to tell them things that will reassure them and help calm whatever anxieties they might have about childbirth and motherhood.

If you are a dad-to-be who wants to make his better half have the best pregnancy journey, it would help to remember to tell her these 10 things!

1. Let me cook for you

“What would you like to eat?” These six words can be music to a mom-to-be’s ears. Not only does it give comfort, it can reassure them that they have a hubby who truly cares about them, paying attention to little things as simple as cravings.

2. Let me give you a massage

Pampering your wife doesn’t always mean spending a lot. Just taking time and making the effort, like giving her a luxurious massage at home, can make it truly meaningful.

3. Let me do this chore for you.

Relieving her of tedious burdens like household chores is one of the best ways to make your pregnant wife feel cared for.

4. Let’s go shopping for baby things!

Not only does this reassure her that you want to spend time with her, it shows her how excited you are to be a dad!

5. Do you want to go out on a date?

Just because you’re preparing to be parents, it does not mean that romance should take the backseat. Never stop dating! It’s one of the keys to lasting happiness in marriage.

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6. You are beautiful and glowing

With all the physical and emotional changes pregnant women go through, it’s easy for insecurities to build. Hubbies should not forget to reassure their wives that they are gorgeous no matter what.

7.  I am so proud of you

More than reassuring them of their appearance, hubbies should also build their wife’s confidence. Childbirth can be daunting, so making sure to say things that will enhance their self-esteem can surely help.

8. I love you at any size

One of the biggest insecurities of moms-to-be is linked to their sudden weight gain. This is why dads-to-be should be extra sensitive when it comes to this, being consistently encouraging to show their wife that size doesn’t matter.

9. I wish our child takes after you

Not only does this build their self-esteem, hearing this could help moms-to-be believe in their capabilities as a mom.

10. We can do this

Most of all, dads-to-be need to emphasize that they are in this together. Though moms-to-be have to give birth on their own, it does not mean that they have to go through the journey alone!

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