When a pimple turns out to be a rare form of cancer

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When an Aussie mom's 'stress pimple' didn't go away, doctors suspected it was more serious.

Aussie mom Jodie Dominy discovered that her “stress pimple” was actually a rare form of skin cancer called Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP), according to Women’s Health.

The 41-year-old mother of two was originally told a bump on her chin was a fatty cyst. “The doctor explained I could have it removed for cosmetic reasons, but there was no harm in leaving it alone. I decided not to bother,” said Jodie.

However, the bump grew, so Jodie asked a plastic surgeon to get rid of it during surgery she had to remove a benign skin cancer on her lip. But doctors discovered the bump was actually a rare form of cancer, after analysis.

In a Facebook post, Jodie writes, “Most cases of DFSP have been found on the arms, legs, or back.  In Australia, there are only eight reported cases of DFSP, and I am the only one ever to have it on my face.”

Reportedly, Jodie’s doctor compared the cancer to an octopus. It had extended tentacles that wrapped around the bump, forming deep ‘roots’, which made it very hard to remove.

Jodie had to undergo extensive surgery to remove the cancer from her left cheek, jaw, bottom lip and chin. She also had facial reconstructive surgery, for which doctors used pieces of muscle and skin from her arm to ‘rebuild’ her face:

Thankfully, Jodie is now okay.

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