Man distributes 100 Love Notes to remember his late wife

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This man's 100 Love Notes to his late wife inspires others to express their love to the special people in their life.

To commemorate the death anniversary of his wife, Hyong Yi of North Carolina is reminding strangers to express their love to the special people in their lives by distributing 100 love notes and hoping that the recipients pass them on.

Yi has been having a difficult time adjusting to life after the death of his wife Catherine. He decided that the best way to deal with the painful emotions was to write love letters to his wife. These were the 100 love notes that he and his children then distributed to strangers physically and through a website.

The notes are poetic and poignant, nothing fancy but go straight to the heart. Most of the letters are about their life together. One reads, "I like being your inspiration. It thrills me to hear you speak of love and happiness."

The latter letters though allude to her battle against cancer: "Your superpowers alter people's reality when you touch them, but I wish your powers could stop time."

Since receiving the notes, others have been inspired to share their own messages to loved ones via social media using the hashtag #100lovenotes. By someone who wishes he could go home to tell his wife that he loves her, Yi's labor of love invites us to remember to say "I love you" daily.

How have you expressed your love today?

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