Wife dies after being forced to undergo 4 abortions by her husband

Wife dies after being forced to undergo 4 abortions by her husband

According to reports, the husband allegedly wanted a son, which was the reason why he forced his wife to undergo 4 abortions.

In olden times, most fathers preferred to have sons instead of daughters, because back then, men were perceived to be 'stronger' and more 'responsible', while women were relegated to tasks such as taking care of children, cooking, and managing the household.

Thankfully, those days are over, and these days, gender equality is slowly becoming the norm. Sadly, there are still some people who cling to their old beliefs, and think that having a son is better than having a daughter. That exact belief sadly led to the death of a woman from China, after her husband forced her to undergo 4 abortions within a year, just because he wanted a son.

Her husband divorced her after the 4th abortion

The woman's name was Yueyue, from the town of Wuhu, Anhui Province in China. According to reports, the pair already have a 5-year-old daughter, but her husband wanted to have a son.

Each time Yueyue got pregnant, she would undergo ultrasound scans to find out whether the child she was carrying was a boy or not. If she was carrying a girl, her husband would tell her to have an abortion, which is legal in China, partly due to their rising population.

After every abortion, Yueyue's health slowly deteriorated, and she became bedridden as a result.

However, her husband, instead of taking care of his wife, instead gave her divorce papers since she wasn't able to give him a son. She was left with no choice, and was forced to sign the papers, which gave her a settlement of about 1.2 million pesos.

She sought medical help for her condition, but sadly, she passed away due to complications as a result of her 4 abortions.

Her ex-husband was nowhere to be found

Seeking justice for the tragic fate that befell their daughter, Yueyue's family, including her wheelchair-bound mother, took Yueyue's ashes with them and went to look for her ex-husband to seek justice.

However, her ex-husband was nowhere to be found, and was reported to have hid inside a neighbor's home. There were additional reports that said Yueyue's husband purchased a car right after their divorce, and had plans of remarrying.

Local police are now currently investigating the incident.

Source: asiaone.com

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