Woman disguises herself as a nurse to steal a newborn from a hospital

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A woman in China attempted to steal a newborn from a hospital nursery but her plans were foiled by an instinctive grandmother. Read more here.

A twenty-something woman in china reportedly disguised herself as a nurse to steal a newborn baby boy from the nursery of an undisclosed hospital.
According to the Mirror, the kidnapper, known only as Su, reportedly managed to enter the hospital and go up to the nursery on the sixth floor unnoticed.
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The Mirror reports that it was there that she found an unattended newborn whom she then placed in a bassinet and started rolling away from the ward, with the apparent intent of taking him out of the hospital.
She allegedly planned to kidnap the baby without anyone noticing but her plans were foiled when she ran into the newborn’s grandmother as she was making her way out the door.
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The newborn’s grandmother, seeming to notice somehing odd, then started questioning Su about what she intended to do with the newborn.
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Unconvinced by Su’s explanation, the grandmother made her take the newborn back to the nursery.
She then proceeded to inform hospital security about her suspicions that Su was indeed trying to abduct her grandchild.
A quick investigation confirmed that Su was not employed in the hospital.

Back in September 2015, another woman attempted the same type of abduction. Though it is not known if she did so in the same hospital her intent to steal a newborn was the same.

This woman had apparently suffered a traumatic miscarriage and wanted to steal a newborn to compensate for the child she had lost.

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