Woman grows a giant third breast after first pregnancy

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The woman had been living with the burden of an extra breast for a decade.

In a study published in the British Medical Journal, a case was cited of a 41-year-old woman whose left breast had been swelling 10 years after her first pregnancy.

The woman, who lives in India, feared the stigma and so became withdrawn, not seeking medical attention as the swelling worsened.

Due to pain and the unbearable weight of the swollen breast, she eventually sought medical help.

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source: British Medical Journal

By the time the doctors were able to inspect her left breast, it had grown to three times the size of her right breast. A small extra nipple was also discovered.

The growth is known as Polymastia, or accessory breasts.

But, what caused it? Previous studies have linked abnormal tissue growths to kidney impairments. But there has not been enough data to support this.

Tissue growth can occur anywhere not just around the breasts. They have also been known to form in the groin, buttocks, back, ears, and thighs.

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They performed an ultrasound, which showed them a large mass of tissue similar to the left breast.

According to study author Dr. Bharati Hiremath in an interview with iflscience.com, “This [case] was particularly extraordinary and is probably the first reported case of a giant accessory breast in this location.”

After they found no signs of cancer, she underwent a mastectomy.


source: British Medical Journal

The surgery took about two hours. The giant breast was removed successfully. Upon weighing, they found that it was 1.5 pounds (700 grams).

She was released three days later. When doctors checked in with her 6 months later, they found her to be symptom-free and without pain or discomfort.


source: British Medical Journal

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