Mom of kidnapped toddler in Laguna thought the young suspect 'seemed nice'

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Take note of these anti-kidnapping guidelines and be vigilant against strangers, even young ones.

A 2-year old was kidnapped from a mall in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

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The toddler was in an amusement center together with her pregnant mother when the incident occurred. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage shows a young woman wearing what looks like a student's uniform leading the girl out.

Her father, Jason Alde, shared that his wife felt it was fine for the suspect to play with her child outside because the young lady seemed nice. "Akala po ng asawa ko ay ok naman, mabait yung bata." Reports suggest that the suspect is a minor.

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The toddler resisted when the suspect attempted to carry her but calmed down when she was offered a treat.

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The kidnapper looked around before whisking the girl away.

According to Abante, the child was fortunately found unharmed 5 days later in a crisis center in Biñan City. The police continues to look for the suspect but some comments below the video expressed concern that she would be let off the hook because of her age.

Anti-Kidnapping Guidelines

This news comes just about 4 months after the Philippine National Police (PNP) launched an anti-kidnapping campaign in Sta. Rosa City. The campaign was initiated because of the rising number of kidnapping incidents in the area. Here were the 7 guidelines they shared to students:

  1. Huwag sumama sa mga estranghero o mga taong di kilala. Do not go with strangers or people you do not know.
  2. Huwag pansinin ang di kilalang magbibigay ng chocolate o candy. Do not pay attention to strangers who give chocolate or candy.
  3. Huwag maglakad nang mag-isa. Hintayin ang susundong magulang, kapamilya o guardian. Do not walk alone. Wait for the parent, relative or guardian who will fetch you.
  4. Kung may kahinahinalang sasakyan,isulat ang numero ng plaka, modelo at kulay ng sasakyan at ipagbigay alam agad sa kinauukulan. If there is a vehicle that looks suspicious, write down the plate number, model and color of the car and tell authorities.
  5. Ugaliing magdala ng silbato o pito. Gamitin ito upang makatawag pansin kung sakaling may mga kriminal o magtatangkang mandukot. Make it a habit to bring a whistle. Use it to call attention in case there is a criminal or someone who attempts to kidnap.
  6. Ang mga susundo, magulang o guardian ay dapat nasa eskwelahan na isang oras bago ang uwian ng mga estudyante. Fetchers, parents or guardians should be in school one hour before students' dismissal time.*
  7. Ang mga guawardiya ng school at mga brgy. Tanod ay dapat maging alerto lalo na sa panahon ng pagdating at pag uwi ng mga estudyante. School guards and barangay watchmen should be alert especially when students are coming in or going home.

*Writer's note: I don't entirely agree with this one - being on time to fetch your child seems more reasonable than wasting one hour waiting.

All parents are reminded to be vigilant against strangers, even young ones. Plus, it is never too early to teach your child what to do when a stranger tries to lure them away.

WATCH: Mom teaches daughter about stranger danger

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