Know the 'x' plan that can potentially save your teen's life

Know the 'x' plan that can potentially save your teen's life

Knowing the 'x' plan can help to get your teenager out of a terrifying situation. Read more to find out about this life saving tip!

Teenagers these days are becoming more and more independent, which is a good way of teaching their kids how to take care of themselves. However, this also means that they can sometimes be put into situations where their safety is put at risk. Which is why parents need to make sure that their teens are always safe, even if they're not at home.

What is the 'x' plan?

Blogger Bert Fulks thought of the 'x' plan as a way for his teens to get out of any situation which makes them feel uncomfortable.

In a nutshell, whenever the teen feels unsafe or uncomfortable, they just need to send a text message with the letter 'x' on it, nothing else. They can send it to their dad, their mom, or their big brother or sister, anyone who might be able to help them out.

The person receiving the text message then calls the teenager, and tells them that "Something has come up, and I need to com get you right now."

The teen then responds "What happened?"

To which the person replies, "’ll tell you when I get there. Be ready to leave in five minutes. I’m on my way."

The teen then tells the people that he or she is with that something has come up at home, and that he or she needs to leave. The great thing about the 'x' plan is that your teen will know that if they're suddenly placed into a bad situation by their peers, they have a way out, and they won't be pressured by their friends to remain in that bad situation, since they think it's an emergency.

What makes the 'x' plan work?

The important thing to know about the 'x' plan is that it involves trust. Parents shouldn't ask too much questions from their teens, as sometimes, prying too much can lead to even more misunderstandings. If your teen tells you that they want to go home, it's enough to just fetch them and let them explain things to you on their own terms, there's no need to ask prying questions.

This also helps parents build trust with their kids, as making the 'x' plan work means that the parent and the teen need to trust each other. The teen needs to trust their parent that they won't be judging their actions, and that they'll come fetch them when they're uncomfortable, and the parent needs to trust their teen in order for their teen to be honest with them.

It's this sort of relationship that helps your teen grow up and learn more about the world, without growing apart from you. Having mutual trust with each other can greatly improve a child and a parent's relationship.


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