OFW mom of raped and murdered 17-year-old Mitzi Joy: 'Sana ako na lang ang namatay'

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The mother of Mitzi Joy Balunsay, whose lifeless body was found chopped up after being raped and murdered, has come home to lay her daughter to rest

Though her killer is now in prison awaiting trial, following his confession to the brutal rape and murder of 17-year-old Mitzi Joy Balunsay, it offers little comfort to the family of the young girl, who everyone describes as responsible, intelligent, and loving.

An inconsolable Marivic Balunsay arrived at her daughter’s wake after flying all the way from Saudi Arabia, where she works as a domestic helper in order to provide a brighter future for her daughter Mitzi.

“Sana ako na lang yung namatay…”

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screengrabs: TV Patrol youtube

In a report by TV Patrol, we see Marivic crying in anguish, saying in an interview: “Sana ako na lang yung namatay.”

Mitzi was found brutally killed and chopped up, with her body parts stuffed inside a plastic bag and box found on a roadside. It was later found that she was choked to death and raped.

The suspect, who apparently surrendered out of guilt was identified as Alvin delos Angeles, claims he and Mitzi were in a relationship for four months, but it remains unclear whether this is true as the suspect was described as “obsessed” with her.

He was Mitzi’s schoolmate and orgmate at Cavite State University; the two were apparently part of the same theater group.

Aside from being an excellent student who maintained a scholarship, the incoming sophomore Tourism student was a talented dancer who served as a youth leader, and active member of their church.

photo: Facebook

photo: Facebook

Her father, with whom she lives in Trece Martirez, Cavite, recounts how he received a text message from an unknown number, which he believed was from Mitzi, the night before she went missing saying that she was going to sleep over at a friend’s house so she could enrol early the next day.

Mitzi’s aunt already suspected something wasn’t right, as her sweet niece normally would end her texts with ‘I love you’.

Though her killer is begging the Balunsay family for forgiveness, Marivic told TV Patrol that there can be no mercy for such an inhumane and merciless killing.

On January 14, Mitzi Joy’s remains were finally laid to rest. Her family and friends gathered together to celebrate the life of the bright and beautiful young lady whose life was brutally cut short.

Watch the full report by TV Patrol below.

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