Mom shocked to discover second pregnancy just three months after delivery

A mom on TikTok shared the discovery of pregnancy, just three months after the birth of her first child!

When a woman gives birth to a child, she releases the ‘oxytocin’ hormone. It’s also known as the ‘love hormone’ that’s released during sex, orgasm, birth, and breastfeeding.

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It makes her feel affectionate and selfless, and during labor, it helps bring contractions and to make the childbirth process easier.

That’s one of the reasons why moms want to have babies again or rather have the urge to have babies again. Of course, having another child is a deeply personal decision and every mom is right in the decision they make.

For this mom though, her wish to have another baby soon after giving birth to her first one turned out to be overwhelmingly true.

Not only did she enter her second pregnancy just three months after her first delivery, but is now expecting twins!

Pregnancy after delivery in just 3 months

pregnancy after delivery

Image Source: @3littlewmama on TikTok

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Sharing her story on TikTok, new mom Shaylee Bush– who goes by the handle @3littlesmama– posted a montage video on the social media app from when she found out she was pregnant; and that too with twins only three months after giving birth to her first baby.

The rather surprising story has garnered over nine million views so far and counting. It features videos of the Bush family of three now growing into five.

The video begins with the mom patting little Haisley on her back after feeding. A caption on the screen goes along with the video that reads, “Me with our firstborn baby. I love her so much I already want another one.”

It then shows a three-month-old Hailsey in the arms of her father, while the caption “Feeling pregnant when she’s 3 months old. Only to find out we are pregnant again!” appears on the screen.

While an early pregnancy right after childbirth still pleasantly surprised the new parents, they were in for a happy shock when the sonogram showed there weren’t but two new members in the womb.

As they say, three’s company.

Netizens in shock as well

Not just the mom but other netizens expressed their shock at Shaylee’s pregnancy experience.

One user commented, “God definitely heard your wishes.”

Meanwhile, another viewer remarked, “Omg you could have all three children in the same school year!”

Gladly, the mom is more than happy to have her three little munchkins growing up together. The video further shows the birth of her newborn twins followed by pictures of the three kids growing up together.


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Ideal time to get pregnant after delivery?

covid vaccine during pregnancy is safe

Image Source: Pexels

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that moms wait at least 12 months for pregnancy after delivery.

Research suggests that gaps shorter than six months increased the risk of premature birth or the second baby being born with low birth weight. In comparison, babies born with the pregnancy spaced out by 18-23 months showed little complications.

Intervals that are too short (under 18 months) or too long (over five years) are associated with negative outcomes for both mom and the baby.

Furthermore, breastfeeding and hormones also play a major role in the likelihood of you getting pregnant right after delivery.

Normally, milk production can suppress ovulation from returning. If you are not breastfeeding, then ovulation won’t return for about six weeks postpartum for most women.

A 2011 study concluded that ovulation returned to non-lactating women on the 74th day of postpartum. However, the range of when ovulation occurred and if its functional ovulation varied depending on the individual.

A woman can ovulate before her period returns, which is the reason why she may miss signs of ovulation if she’s trying to avoid getting pregnant.

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