To reduce pregnancy stress, listen to the most relaxing song in the world

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Reduce pregnancy stress by listening to what scientists are calling the most relaxing song ever

Many of us already know that stress during pregnancy can negatively affect your baby. "When the mother is stressed, several biological changes occur, including elevation of stress hormones and increased likelihood of intrauterine infection," Dr. Pathik Wadhwa of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine tells WebMD. "The fetus builds itself permanently to deal with this kind of high-stress environment, and once it's born may be at greater risk for a whole bunch of stress-related pathologies.”

How music helps stress

It's been well-documented that soothing music can do wonders for stress. According to several studies, music can significantly lower pain and anxiety during labor, which is why plenty of women today choose to play music in the delivery room. Thus, listening to calming music should also be beneficial for pregnant women.

If you’re looking for music to de-stress, there’s no better place to start than with a study that set out to find the most soothing tunes. Inc reports that a team from Mindlab International led by Dr. David Lewis Hodgson had participants solve difficult puzzles as quickly as possible while connected to sensors that measured their heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of breathing. As they solved these difficult puzzles, they listened to different songs, and found that one certain song actually reduced overall anxiety by a whopping 65%: Marconi Union’s “Weightless”.

Listen to it here:

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