Is it Safe to Color your Hair while Pregnant?

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Is it Safe to Color your Hair while Pregnant? Read this to find out if coloring your hair has been deemed safe by medical practitioners.

Dying hair during pregnancy

There’s nothing a mom won’t do to keep her unborn child safe, good thing that doesn’t include coloring her hair while pregnant!

It doesn’t matter what phase of your life you’re in, we ladies like to make sure that we look good. But when you become a mother, “prettifying” ones self does not come at the expense of our baby’s well-being. So if you’re an expectant mother who is wondering if it’s safe to color you hair while pregnant, we’ve got the answer for you:

When it comes to being pregnant, women tend to shy away from certain practices because they’re afraid that it may have an adverse effect on their baby, which for many, makes them wonder if it’s safe to color your hair while pregnant. This is because of the common fear that the baby might be put in jeopardy by means of the hair dye’s chemicals being absorbed into the pregnant woman’s body through the scalp. However, if you’ve got a party to go to and are really itching to color your hair, then good news! Scientific studies have not shown any definite links between hair treatments and birth defects

However,  it is often recommended that you color your hair only after your first trimester and if possible, be wary of the ingredients listed in the dye whether it be “natural vegetable dyes” or regular dyes full of synthetic chemicals. While it is important that the expectant mother feel good about herself all throughout her pregnancy, anything that has to do with the intake or putting of chemicals into your body is best to be passed through your doctor first.

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