BUBBLES! 4 recipes for industrial strength bubbles

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Make outdoor playtime more fun with bigger, better bubbles!

Blowing bubbles is always an enjoyable pastime, regardless of whether you’re a guy over 30 or a child of 3. But you can make your bubble-making adventures more fun by using tried-and-tested recipes that ensure bigger, better, and stronger bubbles.

Here are 4 easy recipes that are worth whipping up. You won’t be disappointed as these bubble babies are sure to last!



First, combine 6 cups of water and 1 cup of light corn syrup thoroughly. Add 2 cups of dishwashing liquid and mix together until fully combined. Avoid forming any air bubbles in the mixture.

Use bubble wands and dip them into the liquid mixture, rather than stirring them in. Then, blow bubbles for some giant fun! For even tougher bubble strength, leave the mixture out in the open for an hour or two.

This is great for spending hours out in the yard with the kids.

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