7 Surprising ways you can discipline your child

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Do the traditional methods of discipline not work on your child? Why not try out one of these 7 surprising ways to discipline your child!

1. If you want to play, then you need to help me do the chores

This is a great rule to teach your children how to do chores, as well as the value of cooperation and hard work. If you're busy doing the laundry, folding clothes, or cleaning the house, while your little one wants to play with you, then you should make a rule that they need to help you out so that you can play with them sooner.

That way, they'll be motivated to do the chores, and you get to finish faster with their help. It's a win-win situation!

2. 8:00 pm is mommy's time to rest

Being a mom is hard work. And there are times when you get really tired and burned out because of the work you do throughout the day. To help you rest and have some time for yourself, you can make a rule that there will be no 'mommy jobs' after 8pm. If your kids need your help with their assignment, then they need to ask for your help earlier.

Chores also need to be done by 8:00 pm (or any time you choose) so that you can rest and relax. This is a good way of making your family understand that you need a break, and it will make them be more concerned about finishing their chores and doing their work earlier.

3. No arguing about your allowance

Being the parent, you're the one to give your kids their school allowance. If they feel that it's small, then it's not your problem since they have to be the ones to make it fit into their daily budget. Since you're earning the money, you get to decide how much your kids get, and they shouldn't complain about it.

4. "Use your inside voice"

If your child has a habit of raising their voice if they get angry, or if they scream if they get frustrated, then you need to tell them to use their "inside voice" or their regular voice. Tell them that you can't understand them unless they calm down, and they need to say what they want, not just scream or have a tantrum.

5. There's no room for boredom in the house

Being bored means that your child needs to have more imagination. If your child gets bored, tell them that they need to think of other ways to occupy themselves, and not to depend on you to amuse them.

This helps build their imagination and also lets them think outside the box, which are good skills to have as an adult.

Source: parenting.com

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