8 Things husbands do that make their wives feel ugly

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Your careless actions could be wrecking your wife's self confidence

Women often come into a marriage thinking that they’ll never feel unwanted or ugly again. However, the reality is, there will be days when they don’t feel attractive at all, and sadly, sometimes it’s because of something their husbands did or did not do.

Though it’s important that your wife also makes efforts to build up her self-confidence, husbands should also be careful that they don’t hurt their wives’ feelings inadvertently. Here are the different things that husbands do to make their wives feel ugly, as compiled from ZenParent and Roasted.

1. Not listening to her

When your wife is talking to you, listen, and make sure that she knows that you’re listening. Make eye contact, and resist the urge to take a peek at your phone. Remember that she is more important than your emails or whatever is going on in your social media feeds.

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2. Not paying attention to the efforts she makes

Your wife values your opinion, and when she buys a new dress or changes up her hair, how you respond to it is hugely important to her. Men aren’t exactly known for noticing these little things, which is why you should make an effort to pay attention to her. If you notice anything different, compliment her. She’ll be so glad that you noticed the change.

3. Praising another woman too much

There isn’t anything wrong with acknowledging another woman’s strengths, but if you overdo it, your wife might think that you’re comparing her with that other woman.

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