9 Things only your kids are allowed to say to you

9 Things only your kids are allowed to say to you

Kids may say the darndest things, but they definitely don't mean any harm by them! Check out the list of things only your kids can say to you!

There are certain things--for better or for worse-- that only your loved ones can say to you and get away with. More than likely, it's because you know that what they're saying comes from a good place, and they don't mean to maim your feelings or emotions. As a result, you'll give them a little wiggle room with their words, and brush off what they say with no second thought.

When acquaintances, strangers, or people you don't really know all too well say something similar, however, you may go off the deep end!

Whether you care to admit it or not, there are probably some unkind words that get thrown around in your household; specifically from your children. We don't mean to say that your kids have a right to disrespect you or your authority as a parent. We simply mean to say that sometimes...kids say the darndest things and really don't mean any harm by their words.


One funny mom, Meredith Gordon, recently shared a list of 9 things that only her kids could say to her and get away with. Honestly, we felt her compilation was so hilariously accurate that we'd be remiss not to share it with you!

Check out the hilarious list of things only your kids are allowed to say to you, and be sure to let us know what was left out! Share with us your own hilarious suggestions!

1. "Why do you look different in this photo?"

As if parents needed another reminder that Father Time is undefeated. If you've ever taken time to glance through some old photo albums, or even an old Facebook album, with your children then you've probably heard these gut-wrenching words. No doubt you spent some time looking in the mirror later that day, but deep down, you know that your kids meant no harm in asking.


2. "Your tummy looks big"

Obviously, your young kids don't understand that in your 20s your metabolism slows down and you have to let go of the idea of maintaining a flat tummy forever. Come to think of it, kids don't even know what a metabolism is. In any case, your kids don't mean to bash your self-esteem or body image, they're just making an unfiltered observation. If your peers make this comment, however, be prepared to unleash some words of ire.


3. "Your breath is stinky"

Have you ever tried to lean in and give your little bundle of joy a smooch, only to be met with these "kind" words? If you have, then you know that their intentions are pure--but they should also refer back to all the times you embraced them in their smelliest of situations (i.e. diaper duty).

Hey, moms! Do you agree with the hilarious list so far? Check out more entries by visiting the next page!

4. "Don't sing"

Sometimes, kids unknowingly pull off their best Simon Cowell impressions. And, much like the contestants of American Idol, you can feel a little discouraged by their disapproval of your singing voice.


5. "I like (Daddy/Mommy) more than you"

Okay, okay, so your peers probably wouldn't ever utter this phrase you. In any case, it's a sentence that can cut deep but it's usually the result of a hissy fit, and doesn't hold any merit.


6. "This dinner is gross"

If you've ever had your friends over for a dinner date, and they said this phrase--I can only hope you showed them the door. Your kids, on the other hand, are probably just trying to express the fact that they aren't ready to branch out too far from their culinary norms. It might not even be a direct affront to your skill sin the kitchen. In any case, your kids are the only ones who can get away with this one!

4 kid with parents

7. "I wish I had (insert friend's) parents! They're way better"

Once again, not exactly a phrase people your age would toss around. But, it's still something that kids thoughtlessly say from time to time. And, again, this is a phrase that results from a fit and isn;t something that they truly mean. Just another example of how parents have the toughest skin on the planet.


8. "I hate you"

On rare instances in life, someone may have said this to you. But, in their case, they made a conscious decision to say it, and you probably either rectified the conflict or eliminated that person from your life. When it comes to parenting, if your kids utter this...it's just a normal reaction and a sign that your kids are trying to express frustration. It's not a phrase your peers will care to bring out unless in the most severe situations, but if your kids say it...you can probably interpret the deeper meaning at play.


9. "You don't know what you're talking about"

In the adult world, someone blatantly discrediting your knowledge on a topic can cause conflict. In the world of parenting, it's just a kid being silly or claiming to be an expert on a situation because--that's just what kids do.


Check out more from Meredith Gordon, and her original article posted on Momtastic

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