3 Amazing kids that will inspire you and your children

3 Amazing kids that will inspire you and your children

These amazing kids are achievers in their own right. But what's more amazing is that these kids can inspire adults as well.

These amazing kids have wisdom far beyond their years; most of the time, adults are the ones who try and teach lessons to the younger generation. This time however, it’s the kids who are teaching adults a thing or two about life.

Ashima Shiraishi

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photo from: outdoorfest.com

Ashima Shiraishi, a 15-year old climber from New York started climbing at age 6. At age 13, she became the second female, and the youngest ever to climb a sport route of 9a+, which is one of the hardest climbing levels that only a few athletes can do. She has also been considered as one of the strongest young climbers of all time.

From an interview with Mashable, she says: “A piece of advice for young girls would be to not feel like guys will always be better or stronger than you. (I’ve defied the odds, which means you can, too!)” She adds, “And for adults, I would say the most important thing is to trust yourself and pursue what you believe in, because it’s never too late.”

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Gregory Wickham

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photo from: debra.kintera.org

Gregory Wickham is a sixth-grader with a passion for coding. Even more, he wants kids to learn coding, so that those kids can teach their adults to code. He even wrote an article about it.

From an interview with Mashable, Gregory has this to say about coding: “Here is what I think is the most important reason why kids should learn to code: So they can teach their parents to code,” he writes. “It is hard to teach adults how to code because they are sooooooo slow. They take forever to learn things because their brains have solidified into a bad learning mode.” He also says that coding is important since it’s the true “language” of the future.

Additionally, Gregory feels that if everybody can learn to code, it will make the world a better place since people can develop things faster and more efficiently. He also points out that kids have to be patient with their parents when trying to teach them how to code. Lastly, he adds “I intend to revolutionize the education system on Earth”. A tall order for such a young kid, but based on his achievements at his young age, we think that he’ll be a mover and shaker in the future.

Kate Trizila

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photo from: Jo Trizila

Kate Trizila sure makes her mother, Jo Trizila proud. Jo Trizila, a single mother, adopted Kate at birth. Aside from being her mother’s constant companion during meetings and events, Kate has no problems with helping out her mother with volunteer work.

Kate has good saving and spending habits even at her young age. She earns her allowance by doing chores, and she also saves all of her coins. What’s more amazing is what Kate does with her savings; she donates a third of them to charity. For her sixth birthday, she asked her friends and family to instead donate money to Heroes for Children, a nonprofit organization where her mother is a member of the board of directors.

Her mom recalls, “The night before her birthday party at the ice skating rink, she looked at me and said, ‘Mommy, I am so excited to make a little boy or little girl’s Christmas super duper special. They don’t deserve to be sick.” I guess it just goes to show that being kind and generous has no age requirement.

These kids just prove that age doesn’t really matter when it comes to inspiring people. We can’t wait for these kids to grow up and do even more amazing things in the future!

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