The best beauty calendar for busy moms

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Because timeless beauty also needs a good schedule

Make sure you don’t neglect your beauty needs by coming up with a good schedule to maintain your timeless beauty.

Take your cue from beauty blogger Nikki Yazxhi of Bellamumma, who shared her tried and tested secrets to making the most out of your beauty regimen all day–and all year–long.

Shower in the morning

The pounding water stimulates your skin’s nerve endings and improves circulation, resulting in super glowing skin. You can use citrus-scented shower gel during your morning shower for an extra dose of energy.

Moisturize after showering

The best time to moisturize is right after your warm morning shower, while your skin is still damp. This is because the steam has opened your pores, causing the product to be more effectively absorbed.

Pluck your eyebrows after showering

Showering leaves your skin super soft and opens up your pores, making plucking less painful.

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Put makeup on after moisturizing

10 minutes after you moisturize, you can put on your makeup. This wait time allows your skin to release natural oils and your moisturizer to settle; this way, your makeup will blend in flawlessly.

Spray on perfume before dressing

Make it a habit to spray on your scent before you put clothes on. Maximum skin contact is vital to diffusing the fragrance. It also allows you to access pulse points (such as behind your ears and the inside of your elbow) to make your scent last longer.

Exfoliate before sleeping

The best time to exfoliate is every evening before bed. This allows you to remove all the pore-clogging dirt that accumulated throughout the day.

Exfoliating also enhances the effect of your entire nighttime skincare routine.

Apply skin treatments at night

Around nine to 10 pm each night, your skin goes into “repair mode”; this is when it becomes more receptive to products, such as anti-aging treatments. Your skin’s temperature also rises in the evening, making your pores more penetrable to beauty products.

Find out more about monthly treatments on the next page

As for monthly beauty treatments, here are the best times to get them done.

Have a facial after your period

The best time to have a facial is on a Friday—a week after your period. Why? Because your skin is most prone to redness and irritation a week before and during your period. Having it done during the end of the week also allows your skin time to recover over the weekend.

Get waxed after your period

A week after your period–preferably in the morning–is the best time to get a wax. If you get waxed before your period, when your skin is extra tender, this will cause it to hurt more. It’s best to have it done early in the day when your nerve endings are just “waking up” so it won’t hurt as much.

photo: Pixabay

photo: Pixabay

Change your fragrance during hot months

Scents fill the air faster in hot weather. Go for lighter scents during summer and switch to richer fragrances in colder months—like woody and oriental scents.

Add highlights to your hair during hot months

The best time to get highlights is during warmer weather because the sun naturally enhances your hair’s new hue. Remember, though, to steer clear of red shades as they tend to fade after prolonged sun exposure.

Color or add lowlights to your hair during cold months

During cold months, your hair becomes dry and limp. Coloring your hair makes it more voluminous. So book a salon appointment during cold months, to add more life to your ‘do!

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