8 Strange weight loss tips that are surprisingly effective

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Are diet and exercise not working the way you hope they would? Give these weird weight loss tricks a try!

Shedding pounds sometimes means thinking out of the box. The tips on these list may seem odd, but they’re worth a shot!

1. Take photos of your food!

Yes, insta-foodies. Snapping flatlays of your meal, could actually aid weight loss.

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2. Sniff an apple, banana, or peppermint

This weight loss hack is actually backed by science! According to Reader’s Digest, the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago recently conducted a study on 3,000 people. They found that sniffing frequently made volunteers less hungry. How? It’s most likely because the scent tricks the brain into believing you’re actually consuming the food instead of simply sniffing it.


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3. Tie a ribbon around your tummy

Fitness expert Valeri Orsoni suggests in an interview with Shape to try what some French women have been doing, or what is called Le Petit Secret, which is the act if tying a ribbon around your waist and under your clothes. It keeps (you) aware of your tummy, especially if the ribbon feels tighter throughout the course of the evening.

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4. Eat in front of a mirror

Another way to keep you “conscious” while you’re eating is sitting in front of a mirror. Though some studies claim that this will increase your appetite, it could also help you trim down because seeing yourself eat will give you a more objective view of yourself, causing you to eat less.

photo: Interiors by Sereen facebook

5. Buy wrapped hard candy

If you can’t stop yourself from stocking up on candy, make sure to buy the wrapped kind. If you have to go through the effort of unwrapping it, you will not be tempted to keep snacking on it.

photo: flickr

6. Light a vanilla candle

The aroma of vanilla is a good way to curb your cravings, specifically for sugar and chocolate.

photo: Finding Bliss facebook page

7. Turn up the lights and tone down the music

The dimmer the lighting, the more increased your appetite becomes. Blasting upbeat music causes you to unconsciously eat faster and chew less. More relaxed music helps you chew your food and eat less. It takes about 20 minutes for our stomach to signal our brain that it’s full, so take your time!

photo: dreamstime

8. Eat in a blue environment

The color blue isn’t just soothing, it has also been known to be an appetite suppressant. If you want to keep your appetite in check, changing your choice of dining room decor could really help! Who knew?

photo: Summerill & Bishop facebook page

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Bianchi Mendoza