"Encouraging my wife to orgasm on her own saved our marriage!"

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Orgasms are not only essential for intimacy, they are also one of the best sources of a great mood. Working towards it on our own works wonders!

I was having a chat with Chad this Saturday afternoon. After just six months of getting married, Chad and Lucy had marital problems. Lucy mentioned it to my wife, who egged me to take Chad out for a drink, something I did not do for quite a while.

To cut a long story short, here we were, Chad and I, two unlikely friends trying to make awkward conversation over a beer that was slowly warming up unlike our conversations.

After talking about the Trump inauguration and a million other irrelevant things, I got to the point.

“Chad”, I said, “I heard that there is some trouble back at home.”

“Naah man, where did you hear that?”

“Lucy told N, who told me.”

“Seriously buddy, things are a lot better now! In fact, Lucy is out shopping for our upcoming trip to the highlands.”

I was dumbfounded. Here I was, all prepared for an awkward speech, and all was fine with Chad. I believed him, he is not one to make any pretences. In fact, we have to tell Chad to keep some things private.

And right when this thought crossed my mind, he said, “she masturbates now.”

“Whoa buddy! I do not need to know that.”

“Come on man, we are doctors. Let’s talk about it professionally.”

I paused to hear Chad out.

Chad and Lucy’s story

Chad began telling me his story. After meeting Lucy on a backpacking trip, he fell hard for her. They married quickly and settled comfortably in the marriage. The weekends were full of passion, and they couldn’t wait to come home and ravish each other.

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Call it fate or a condom accident, in just two months, Lucy missed a period. the pregnancy test was positive. However, they were not ready yet, and so they underwent a medical termination of pregnancy.

And that is when all the awkwardness started. The passion was gone suddenly. The sex was like a chore now. So it became less and less frequent. Lucy became silent, rarely speaking up her mind. This was too much for Chad. Instead of confronting it head on, he started staying back at work more often. The gap widened.

And that is when Lucy called my wife.

The Sunday that changed it all

Two months passed between then and now.

“One Sunday”, Chad began, “I was working on my laptop. I clicked somewhere and the window minimized. And the folder of our backpacking trip photos opened. I began to go through the photos and videos. I was so engrossed that I did not realize that Lucy was in the room and was standing behind me. We ended up seeing the entire album thrice.”

“We realized that we had a problem. The sex ended with me reaching an orgasm, however, she had not had one like she used to before. Even though I tried everything, she just couldn’t.”

So Chad and Lucy had a long chat. At the end, Chad convinced Lucy that she needed those orgasms and that was the way to save the marriage. But ‘how’ was a big question.

The revival

Chad went out and got a toy for her. Lucy was a grown up; masturbation was not new to her. But it was always something she did when she was on her own when she needed a release. It was never a part of the intercourse. Chad coaxed her to go ahead and reach one in his presence. I stopped him from going too much into detail but his advice to those who want to try it but are shy, is to ensure that there is absolute darkness in the room.

Lucy had a release after months. And this instantly made her feel good. Two more followed, and Chad, deciding to take it slow, just cuddled her. She slept like a baby after ages. They continued the idea of each one of them working towards his/her own orgasm while having sex, and it was a huge hit!

There are so many marriages that hit rough patches because sex becomes dull. The best way to get it back on track is to encourage your partner to work towards her own orgasms. It is a proven fact that it improves their mood and brings the intimacy back in a relationship. Be smart like Chad and Lucy and experiment with what works for you the best!

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