Woman who died in road mishap turns out to responding firefighter's daughter

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The firefighter responded to a road accident, unaware that his own daughter was involved. Sadly, she passed away during the tragic incident.

For any parent, finding out your child was in an accident is a terrifying thing. Sadly, for one firefighter, he didn't realize that his own daughter had died in a road accident. Coincidentally, it was a road accident that he and his team responded to.

Firefighter's daughter dies in road accident

Senior Fire Officer 1 John Darrel Velitario can hardly believe the news he heard that his own daughter had died. The tragic road mishap that cost his daughter her life happened in Nabua, Camarines Sur.

His daughter, Nikki, was riding a motorcycle that accidentally hit a tricycle.

John shares, "Nung nasa station na kami, parang katawan ng anak ko, kaya tinawagan ko 'yung anak ko saka asawa ko na kontakin si Nikki kung nasaan. Malaman ko lang kung nasaan siya basta malaman ko na okay siya."

Him and his wife's fears were confirmed when they received a call that said their daughter was involved in the accident.

John shares that their job can be very difficult

John added that his daughter's boyfriend contacted them and said that their daughter Nikki became involved in an accident.

"Ang hirap po sa trabaho namin, may naiinggit na wala daw kaming ginagawa. Pero dapat magpasalamat sila na wala kaming ginagawa. Kasi sa tuwing lalabas ang ambulance, siguradong may taong nasa bingit ng kamatayan. Akala nila ganoon lang kadali trabaho namin," he shared.

Nikki was their eldest daughter, and she was working as a midwife.

Coping with grief as a parent

Coping with loss is hard for any parent. There's a saying that goes "parents should never bury their children," and in a way, that's true. Parents want to see their children live long and happy lives, and they want to be the ones to pass away first.

However, it's unavoidable and it's a fact of life that people die. Sad as it may be, it's important for parents to stay strong and know what they can do in order to overcome grief.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Talk to someone about it. Talking about loss can be cathartic, and it's a way for you to get those feelings off your chest.
  • Give yourself time to grieve. Don't bottle up your feelings. Let yourself cry and know that what you're feeling is valid.
  • Take up a hobby. The grieving process can take years. Having a hobby to keep yourself preoccupied can help you deal with the loss of your child, and keeps you productive.
  • Take care of yourself. The last thing you'd want your child to know is that you've let yourself go after their death. Keep yourself healthy, focus on being positive, and cherish the time you and your child had together.
  • Remember them fondly. Don't dwell on their death, celebrate their life. Focus on the positive things that they've done for your family, and do your best to celebrate their memory everyday.

Source: news.abs-cbn.com

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