Young girl unscathed after 11-story fall in China

Young girl unscathed after 11-story fall in China

The tot collided with anti-theft caging at the ninth floor, causing her to fall onto a nearby tree and break a branch.

Children in China are no stranger to danger. Just last year, multiple incidences of escalators mishaps involving young ones shocked the world at large. If they’re not around elevators, they are being ejected out of moving vans or run over by cars.

Even in the four walls of day cares, they are not safe from harm—as exhibited in this video of a father kicking a boy on the spine after accidentally bumping on her daughter.

They are also prone to falling from high places, particularly from apartments while unsupervised.

Recently a child in the Dongguan district of Guangdong Province, south China fell from a fifth story of an apartment building after his grandmother accidentally locked him out.

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Thankfully the neighbors came to his rescue.

This four-year-old from Hangzhou, eastern China, who fell from the 11th floor didn’t have helpful neighbors to catch her. But a few other things did which fortunately broke her fall.

“[She] collided with anti-theft caging at the ninth floor, causing her to fall onto a nearby tree and break a branch,” an Epoch Times report said. “She finally landed in a growth of thick grass and burst out crying.”

A passer-by witnessed the whole thing.

“She’s lucky to survive!” he told Hangzhou Daily. “The tree branch is broken but she is fine!”

The toddler’s mother took her to the No. 2 People’s Hospital in Hangzhou; the doctors found her physically unhurt.

Child-proofing your house

Child-proofing your home shouldn’t be difficult and complicated. It is as easy as locking the doors before bed, keeping out of sight sharp objects and choking hazards, and installing safety latches on cabinets and drawers.

Keep in mind these efficient and useful suggestions:

  • Around your house, be sure to secure furniture such as bookshelves and heavy furniture that could tip easily to the wall using brackets.
  • Use doorknob covers to keep them out of rooms with potential hazards and to keep them from leaving the house unsupervised.
  • Make sure your window blinds do not have looped cords on them as they can present a strangulation hazard to a young child.
  • And always cover your electrical outlets with protective covers to keep small fingers from them and small objects from being inserted into them.

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