How to Cope with K-12: 7 Tipid Tips for Pinay Moms

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This coming school year marks the implementation of the government’s K-12 educational program for high school seniors (supposedly going into college but are now enrolling into senior high school), which adds another two years of financial strain on Filipino parents. To lessen the financial blow, it is a good idea to start your preparations early. Here are a few simple hacks to help save your precious peso.

June is the month when a lot of parents in the Philippines are most strapped for cash because of the opening of the school year. With all the fees that come when school opens, it is difficult to cope with expenses without borrowing from friends and family, or without sacrificing some of the family’s other basic needs.

With only three more months to go before another school year starts, parents are once again on the lookout for ways to save money and get all the kids through K-12. Here are our tipid tips for Filipino moms:

No shame in secondhand

Have your child talk to his schoolmates who are a grade level higher than him, and ask to buy their books when the current school year ends. Better yet, have your child request for their parent’s contact details so you can talk to the parents directly.

You can also ask co-parents for secondhand uniforms and shoes. Going for secondhand school items can save you hundreds of pesos.

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