10 important habits that the happiest couples have

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Being in a happy relationship isn't something that just happens instantly, it's something that people work on and constantly try to improve.

Let's face it, relationships aren't easy, and most people who are in a happy relationship would tell you that it takes a lot of effort, understanding, and a lot of patience to get there.

Here are 10 important habits that the happiest couples have:

1. They kiss their spouse hello and goodbye

Dr. Samantha Rodman, psychologist and dating coach, shares the importance of kissing your spouse to say hello or goodbye:

"Far from being a meaningless habit, this ensures that you connect, even for just a moment, at least twice a day. Many people in unhappy relationships say that they can’t recall when they stopped kissing at greetings and goodbyes, it just slips away without effort. When you make the time to make eye contact with your partner and kiss them, it shows that you prioritize your relationship even during the busiest of mornings or evenings."

2. They give each other compliments

Giving sincere and simple compliments really means a lot. That's why you should never be shy to compliment your spouse not just for how they look, but also for the food they cooked, the good job they did at work today, or for just simply being a good parent to your children.

It makes your spouse feel that you're really proud of them and that you appreciate them.

3. They fight, but they don't go below the belt.

It's normal for couples to fight, it's a part of all healthy relationships. But what really makes the difference is that when it comes to happy couples, they don't go below the belt. Insulting each other, or bringing up past problems isn't something that they do. Instead, they try their best to be constructive and sort things out amicably between each other without hurting each other physically or emotionally.

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