Having low grades doesn't mean you have a 'bad' kid

Having low grades doesn't mean you have a 'bad' kid

Having low grades doesn't always mean that your child is a 'bad' kid or that they're not studying hard enough.

Low grades are something that most parents don't ever want to see. But for one reason or another, even smart and studious kids can sometimes suffer from having low grades. And this doesn't mean that they're bad kids, as there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to your child's performance in school.

They don't like their teacher

Kids and teachers don't exactly always have the best relationship with each other. And it's not the child, nor is it the teacher's fault. Sometimes, people don't just hit it off right away, and this creates a disconnect between the both of them.

If it seems that your child's grades are dropping, but they're still studying hard and doing their best to learn, then maybe it's time to talk to your child about their relationship with their teacher. Maybe they don't have a good relationship, so your child isn't inclined to learn a lot from that teacher.

It's important to also talk to your child's teacher so that you can ask them how their relationship is with your child, and maybe figure out a way of how the teacher can find a connection with your child in order to engage them when it comes to learning.

They're not good with the typical style of exams

Have you ever heard of multiple intelligences? It means that every one of us has something that we're good at, such as some people being good with math, and other people are good when it comes to public speaking, or writing.

Sometimes, if your kid is good at recitation and participating in class, they might have low grades, even if they study hard. This might be due to the fact that some kids are at their best when they're applying the things that they've learned, instead of sitting down and answering an exam.

If that's the case, then you can help out your child by teaching them how to focus on exams, and how to handle exams better. You can also use practice tests at home as their reviewer, so that they can get used to answering exams and quizzes.


Bullying  has a number of negative effects on children, including having low grades. If it seems that your child is afraid or nervous when they're going to school, or if they suddenly have a change of behavior, then it might be a sign that your child is being bullied in school.

Bullying is a complicated issue, and it's difficult to address. If you suspect that your child is being bullied, then the best thing to do would be to talk to them directly and ask them about it. If you feel that they're hesitant, or they're hiding something, then you can ask their teachers, or their fellow classmates about it.

Being bullied is a serious problem, so don't let your child become a victim.

They just don't like the subject

Remember when you were still a student? Chances are, there were some subjects that you weren't really a fan of. Can you remember how it was such a struggle for you to learn and study for those subjects?

That could be the reason why your child is having a hard time in school; maybe they're not interested in the subject, so even if they exert some effort in studying, it's just not working.

What you can do as a parent would be to try and encourage your child to appreciate the subject. You can do this by making it fun, and teaching them some practical applications for the subject and why they need to study it.

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