Step into Bebeng’s Kitchen: Meet the foodie mom behind the popular #Baonserye

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"I love cooking for the people I love."

Denise Rayala loves food. It's evident in her blog, which is laden with practical tips and relatable experiences, and her #Baonserye--a facebook album that's been growing in popularity.

"I love cooking for the people I love. My husband is my number 1 fan; I knew I'm good enough. But when I became a mom, I doubted my self-taught culinary abilities,” Denise told theAsianparent.

This doubt proved to be unfounded, as her penchant for whipping up savory sidekicks and tasty treats soon evolved into a thriving homebased* business, called Bebeng’s Kitchen, which was established in 2012, right around the same time she started her successful blog, Royal Domesticity.

"I just found myself setting up a Blogger account in the corner of my office in 2012 after a tiring day of training 60 aspiring sales agents," recounted the Marikina-Based mom. "I started my blog, formerly known as Bebengisms, when I was still working away from home as a Sales Training Specialist for a real estate company. I didn't label myself as mom blogger yet. It just so happened that I'm a mom and that a large portion of my life is deeply involved in mothering my only child."

She considers her blog not just a repository of thoughts and experiences but as a biography for her little girl, chronicling Sophia's life as much as her own.

photo: Denise Rayala facebook

photo: Denise Rayala facebook

For Denise, having a passion for good food goes hand in hand with raising her daughter well, so it's only natural that she’d want to instil a love for food in her daughter as well.

But getting her only daughter to eat healthier, who’s turning 8 this year, was not always easy.

“The struggle was real! My daughter was three when she only ate adobo or nuggets or cereals. It was exaggeratedly challenging. Fast forward to today that she'll be turning 8 next month, she now eats almost anything I serve her,” she beams.

She credits her success to her resilience when it came to introducing a variety of dishes to her little girl.

“My acting skills helped, too. Yup, parents got to have Hi-5 kind of theatrics to feed kids!,” she told theAsianparent with a laugh.

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