Michelle Van Eimeren commends Regine Velasquez for being the 'best stepmom ever'

Michelle Van Eimeren commends Regine Velasquez for being the 'best stepmom ever'

The two moms are living proof that you can be friends, and even family, with your partner's ex. Check out what the former beauty queen had to say, here!

It’s tough for exes to stay friends, but what’s even rarer is finding a friend in your ex’s current partner. This is what makes Michelle Van Eimeren and Regine Velasquez’ closeness truly special and inspiring.

The two moms are not just friends, they’re family. So much so that Regine welcomed Michelle’s 19-year-old daughter Leila into their home in Manila, where she will be living for the next year.

Our very own Ms Universe ? soooo beautiful!!!! @ogiealcasid @leilalcasid @michellevaneimeren @sarahalcasid

A photo posted by reginevalcasid (@reginevalcasid) on

On January 30, Regine posted a photo of the Fil-Australian teen on her instagram with the caption: “Our very own Ms Universe. Soooo beautiful!!”, tagging her husband (Leila’s dad) Ogie Alcasid, Michelle, and Leila’s 17-year-old sister Sarah who stayed behind in Australia.

In response, Michelle commented on the post, writing: “Love it. So gorgeous, of course because you are the BESTEST stepmum ever. Love you, Reg.”

screenshot: Regine Velasquez Instagram

screenshot: Regine Velasquez Instagram

Leila is currently “settling” into Manila life and aside from her blog, it looks like the teen will soon be following in her dad and stepmom’s footsteps and enter into showbiz.

When asked about a possible career as an artista on her stepmom Regine’s show Sarap Diva, Leila replied: “Puwede. I’m interested in trying everything, but I like drama.”

With my dafter @leilalcasid ?

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Ogie Alcasid and Michelle Van Eimeren met and wooed in 1994 when Michelle was representing Australia in the Miss Universe pageant. They were married in 1996 and had two kids. They were together for 11 years before calling it quits in 2007.

Two years after her split from Ogie in 2007, Michelle married fellow Australian Mark Morrow. Both Ogie and Regine were present at their wedding. A year later, Ogie married Regine Velasquez. They have a 5-year-old son named Nate.

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