Watch how this mom manages to dress her triplets and her toddler

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Taking care of a kid is already pretty difficult, but can you imagine taking care of four kids at the same time? Watch how this mom does it!

This amazing mom managed to dress her triplets and an energetic toddler all by herself as she's getting them ready for bed.

At one point, you can even see her toddler jumping around, and all the while she's trying to dress her triplets!

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She then manages to dress her triplets, but then there's the matter of her toddler, who seems more interested in running around than getting dressed.

It seems that her toddler really doesn't want to get dressed. He might be thinking that he's playing a game with his mom!

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Eventually, she gets him dressed for bedtime. Or does she?

Finally, she manages to get all her kids dressed and ready for bed, and it looks like she's ready to tuck in with them too.

Taking care of one kid is already tiring, but this amazing mom manages to take care of four, including her rambunctious toddler! It really gives you some perspective into how much work it takes to take care of kids. Mothers really are amazing.

Here's the entire video of the mom and her energetic kids.

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