An open letter to a heartbroken dad whose daughter has found love

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So your baby girl has found love and is now in a relationship. It had to happen sooner or later.

Dear Heartbroken Dad,

So your baby girl is in a relationship. It had to happen sooner or later. 

When once, a long time ago, which seems so much longer ago now, yours was the only hand she held when she’d cross the road, now another hand will be the one she reaches for.

And she will travel roads you've never even crossed.

This is her journey, after all.

It's okay to feel scared that she will get her heart broken.

Though you raised her with much care and tenderness, letting her grow means letting her go, take risks, get hurt.

But she will also learn to pick herself up and you will beam with pride when she does.

Hearts break but people don’t.

She will take your hand one day again, don't worry. She will take it as you walk her down the aisle, most probably towards the adorable geeky boy she’s dating now.

Or maybe not.

Maybe walking down an aisle isn't her path and that's okay.

No matter what, your hand will be there, should she need to reach for it at anytime and at any age. 

No matter what, know that you have raised her well.

You will be amazed to see that she can make her own way in the world and that, with or without a partner, she will define for herself what true love means. 


Your friend 

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