10 Parenting hacks that make caring for your toddler a breeze

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These awesome parenting hacks are sure to make taking care of your toddler that much easier!

Taking care of toddlers isn't easy, but these parenting hacks should make it a lot easier to manage your child's toddler years!

1. During bedtime

Place a rolled-up towel, a hotdog-shaped pillow, or a pool noodle under your sheets on the edge of the bed so that your little one won't accidentally fall off the bed!

2. During screen time

A good way to limit screen time would be to play the video right in the middle. Kids don't really care much about the story so they won't notice it when you do that! It greatly helps lessen the time your toddler spends watching shows.

3. During mealtime

Sometimes, a bib isn't enough to keep your little one clean during mealtime. Put a large t-shirt over your child's clothes to act as a sort of smock to help keep their clothes clean.

4. When you're traveling

If your child constantly insists on being carried instead of walking beside you when you're traveling, you can try playing this game with her. Ask her to pretend to push you up on the street! She won't mind walking if you're playing a fun game with her.

5. If you're eating outside

Keep your toddler occupied by bringing along some crayons or coloring materials and some paper. That way they don't get bored while you wait for your food.

6. Whenever you're doing chores

To get your little one ready for doing chores, you can give them a small cloth and ask them to help you clean your house. They can wipe some surfaces and you can slowly guide them with their task. This helps set your child up for more responsibilities as they grow up.

7. When you're potty training

Instead of rolls of toilet paper, boxes of tissues might be easier for kids to grab and use!

8. When you're out shopping

If your child really wants a toy but you don't want to buy them one, you can instead take a picture of it and "email it to Santa" so that he can send it to your child on Christmas. Just make sure to get them the toy later on!

9. Taking care of their toys

If your toddler has dolls or toys with hair, washing it with some water and a small amount of conditioner will help keep the doll's hair from getting frizzy and dirty. Make sure to dry it afterward.

10. Keeping things organized

You can buy those cheap shoe organizers that hang on doors and use them to organize your kid's toys. It's also convenient for your toddler since they can easily get the toys that they want, so they don't have to make a huge mess!

Source: parenting.com

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