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Mediqtto High Pressure Compression Leggings
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MediQtto for Sleep Time, Stirrup Leggings with EX Pelvic Support System, a comfortably tight fit that helps you feel your best every day. Leaving your legs and feet astonishingly refreshed! Ultra high-pressure 1 Provides the highest pressure around the ankle of any product in the MediQtto for Sleep Time series 2 Based on responses from MediQtto users in a consumer use survey Approx. 94% of respondents felt the product left their legs feeling refreshed after taking MediQtto off. Research by Reckitt Benckiser Japan Ltd., September 2019, Percentage of respondents who answered "Agree or Somewhat Agree to the question" The product leaves my legs feeling refreshed after taking it off in its consumer use survey, n = 64 Gradual compression design based on medical science Rooted in the technology for medical stockings developed in the U.K., MediQtto compression socks apply pressure based on British standards to effectively tighten and shape the legs.
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