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NANKID® INFINIPRO® HW Four Powdered Milk For Children Above 3 Years Old 800g
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NANKID® INFINIPRO® HW Four is an innovation from the Nestle Research Center in Switzerland--the largest food and nutrition research organization in the world. NANKID contains Hydrolyzed Whey proteins known to help reduce allergenicity, 2 HM-Os to help support immunity, Bifidus BL Probiotics to help improve digestion. Research shows that the Optimized Protein (high quality, lower quantity protein), helps provide the kid optimal weight and development advantage at this crucial stage of growth. With the help of this healthy foundation, your child can achieve amazing possibles now and in the future. NANKID® INFINIPRO® HW Four is not a breastmilk substitute, but is a growing up milk intended for kids above 3 years of age
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