Sleep training for special children

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Here are some pointers that might help you sleep train your special needs child:

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How to train special kids to sleep when needed

Although most children with special needs are able to have a good sleep pattern, achieving it might be a little tougher than achieving it for non special needs children.

Here are some pointers that might help you sleep train your special needs child:

1) Be prepared: Understand that it might take a little longer to put your special child to bed than it took you for your other kids.

2) Get help: Don’t be shy to enlist the help of other relative and friends to help you out. It will take alot of perseverance on your part and there will be blips along the way. You need to occasionally give yourself a break!

3) See her needs: While most sleep training looks at cognitive and behavioural techniques, a child with down syndrome for example might actually be having respiratory problems. For many kids with down syndrome, removing their tonsils helps to alleviate this.

4) Establish a structured routine: Establishing a consisitent routine will help your child understand that certain things happen at certain times of the day, and sleep is one of these things.

5) Strict timing: Ensure that bed time is around the same time every night.

6) Be committed: Sleep training your special child needs commitment. If you give up after a couple of day, your child will have even more resolve to resist the next time.

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