Real women answer: "How do you split your household expenses?"

Real women answer: "How do you split your household expenses?"

How do you go about splitting your expenses if both parents are working?

If both you and your spouse are working, you might be wondering how to go about splitting the household expenses. One theAsianparent Community discussion was all about household finances and how two breadwinners divide the financial responsibilities.

splitting household expenses

There isn’t one clear-cut way to manage expenses within a marriage. What works for one couple might not work for others. But here’s how real women in the theAsianparent Community responded, sharing what has worked for them and their husbands.

Having a joint account

Plenty of moms said they keep joint accounts with their spouses, and just deduct from there. Some moms decided on keeping another personal account for their own expenses, while others just have the joint account.

“We have a joint account and contribute a predetermined amount to it on a monthly basis,” writes Lynn Y. “Household bills are deducted from the account via giro. So long as we continue to contribute to the joint account, we do not bother with what each other is spending on. That means I get to indulge in toys for my boy without nagging from hubby.”

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Complete control

Some husbands entrust the budgeting and the spending to their wives, like in Sisleen S.’ case. “I am the finance controller,” she writes. “I pay all the bills and control our spending and budgeting, as my hubby gives 90% to me. He trusts me so much.”

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splitting household expenses

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Take into account how much you both earn

If you earn less than your husband, it makes sense that he would pay for more of the household bills. “It depends on how much you and your hubby is earning,” Jolin L. says. “If the husband is earning more, of course he pays most of the bills. I will spend on the kids, like toys and books. As for groceries and baby essential items like diapers and formula milk, it’ll be like 70% him, 30% me.”

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