Supermom Mai Kaufman: Homeschooling all over the world

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Meet a mom who traded a life of fashion shoots and red carpet events for a chance to teach her kids about the world.

Mai was a famed fashion and interior designer who was known to walk red carpet events donning stunningly fashionable ensembles with her entrepreneur beau. Featured in numerous glossies and online fashion sites, she was living a life of style, glitz and glamour—until motherhood gave her a renewed purpose in life.

These days she skips late-night parties and events to tuck her kids into bed, and gets up early in the morning to spend her days learning about the world with her two girls Alexa, 7, and Calista, 4, whom she homeschools.

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“My motto is ‘to thine own self be true’,” she says. In her daily life she tries her best to “lift the spirits of others and see the beauty in everything and everybody”.

Tell us about your kids!

It still takes me by surprise that the two, while very similar in certain ways, are each, their own person.

Alexa is diplomacy-personified, whose interests are mainly in the creative & performing arts. She also enjoys teaching Cali. She often reads stories to her from her favorite, "Children's Bible". Calista, on the other hand, is fearlessly-direct, with a fascination for science and mechanics.


Loving the outdoors, they both enjoy football and gardening. They are very accommodating of the other's differing interests.

Often, I walk into a room and hear Alexa singing in the background, trying out balletic steps or sketching, while Cali will be lost in a prehistoric story with one or more of her many toy dinosaurs.

13115731_10153585563819646_639574543_nWhenever one oversteps the boundaries of good & kind behavior, I immediately (if possible) take her aside, to have a "serious" talk. I emphasize honesty, kindness, consideration & appreciation for each other and for everyone.

What’s your secret to being a supermom:
I wouldn't call myself a supermom. My secret? I simply let God lead and do everything with love.

What’s your me-time?
On a daily basis, I do an "examination of my conscience", to ascertain that I am doing all I can to fulfill God's unique plan for my life.13077213_10153585562369646_1939368228_n

Your most heartwarming mom moment: Every time they hug and kiss me, laugh with me and cry to me.

Your funniest mom moment: Sorry, but I promised the girls it will be our little secret

Proudest moment: When we were at the home for abandoned grandmothers, I was very proud of the girls.We stayed quite a long while. When we were taken on a tour of the facilities, they didn’t complain or show any discomfort. Instead, they were cheerful, affectionate and entertaining.

The generosity of their little hearts came through when both seemed to understand, accepted and simply ignored the consequences of elderly incontinence. Indeed, the tenderness & unselfish behavior they showed the Lolas, made both David and I very, very proud!

Who is Mai's role model? Found out on the next page!.

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