Worst things couples did to stop their partners from snoring

Worst things couples did to stop their partners from snoring

Other methods include pouring a glass of cold water on their partner and putting them outside on a balcony.

Getting some shuteye, especially for sleep-deprived parents, is important. No wonder some couples have gone to extreme lengths to make sure that that time is protected at all cost.

In a Daily Mail article, couples revealed the worst things they’ve done to stop their partners from snoring.

One partner from Northern Ireland confessed pulling out underarm hairs of her partner to keep him from snoring, while a Londoner admitted to “keeping a kazoo by the bed to give a quick, sharp noise to wake them up.”

In Wales, one person said they resorted to sellotaping their partner’s lips shut. In Yorkshire, another confessed to “putting a smelly sock next to their partners face' to keep them from snoring.”

There seemed to be no shortage of extreme and bizarre methods from these fed-up people. One resorted to “suffocating them with a pillow, but only for a few seconds” to “[getting] him to sleep with a tennis ball in the waist band of his pyjamas to stop him from rolling onto their back.”

Other methods pouring a glass of cold water on their partner, putting them outside on a balcony and kicking their partner in the face.

In some people, snoring may be normal.

But according to NHS, snoring can sometimes indicate a more serious related condition called obstructive sleep apnoea, where a person’s airways repeatedly become partially or totally blocked for about 10 seconds throughout the night.

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Five ways to stop snoring

If you’re looking for ways to get your eight hours of sleep uninterrupted by your significant other’s snores, you can try following these steps, as offered by the Daily Mail.

Use a tennis ball

"People who sleep on their side are less susceptible to snoring, say experts. When one sleeps on their back, the excess tissue from the tongue and chin can squash the airway, obstructing breathing and in turn making an awful racket.

"Sewing a ball into a pocket on the back of pyjama tops will make it uncomfortable to lie on the back and force snorers into lying on their sides instead. Anyone for tennis?"


"A study carried out by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in 2013 found that singing can be used to reduce the risk of snoring, as supposedly, a lack of tone in the throat muscles can be a major cause. Singing acts almost like an exercise routine for these muscles... so join a choir to strengthen them up."

Rinse away

"Instead of rinsing your mouth with traditional mouthwash, try an anti-snoring throat rinse. They help to tighten and lubricate the muscles in the back of the throat - reducing your chances of snoring...not only will your sleep be sounder, but you'll also have minty-fresh breath."

Tongue exercises

"Research shows that doing certain facial and tongue exercises every day can reduce your chances of snoring and suffering from snoring-related conditions like sleep apnea—a condition caused by relaxed muscles that can see the airways blocked for up to 10 seconds, throughout the night.

"How to do tongue aerobics: Stick your tongue out and try and touch your chin. Then, extend your tongue upwards and attempt to reach your nose. And repeat!"

But a really long novel

"It's time to get your copy of War and Peace. Not to read, but to stick under your mattress. Propping the top of your mattress up and making sure that you sleep with your head raised means that your tongue can’t drop back and obstruct your airway when you’re asleep."

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