12 Things men do that drive women insane

12 Things men do that drive women insane

It’s perfectly okay to ask your wife where certain things are located around the house, but never expect her to go get it for you.

Men and women speak in different languages, that’s why most often than not, one fails to understand the other, which, as all couples know, can only mean trouble.

For women, however, there are things that men do that simply drive them crazy, especially when they do it because they think it’s cool or okay.

Aaron Anderson lists down 12 of these things in his Family Share article.

1. Mansplaining

“Yes, you're a guy, but that doesn't mean you know everything,” says Aaron. “Explaining something to her like you're teaching a child just annoys her and doesn't make you look as smart as you think it does.”

2. "Honey, where is the ... "

It’s perfectly okay to ask your wife where certain things are located around the house, but never expect her to go get it for you. Husbands should be able to do it on their own.

3. "What did the kids do today?"

“If you want to know what the kids did today, ask them,” says Aaron. “Be a dad. Don't be vicarious dad through your wife.”

4. "Will you remind me to ... "

Your wife isn’t your personal assistant. Husbands should be able to be responsible enough to set alarms for themselves and function on their own.

5. Turning on the TV and tuning out

Wives hate it when all of a sudden their husbands tune them out once the television is on. Wives want to have a conversation with their husbands, not with a brick wall. The television won’t leave you; it will still be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the days after that.

6. Begging for sex

Just because you’re in the mood for sex doesn’t mean that your wife is, too. There’s no point begging for it night after night, and worse, forcing it, when she’s simply doesn’t feel like doing it. Acting all petulant and immature about it also won't help.

7. Not cleaning up after yourself

Being a man doesn’t mean you get a free pass at being a slob. Clean up after yourself like the grown man that you are. Your wife isn’t a maid.

8. Talking to her about sports

“That's great if your team won,” says Aaron, “and she wants to be a part of your life by hearing you talk about it. But that doesn't mean she wants to hear all the statistics and other details of the game. She doesn't want to be treated like one of the guys.”

9. Not doing what you say you're going to

If you promised to pick up groceries on your way home and forget about it, it will only frustrate your wife because her carefully planned day will suddenly be derailed. It also communicates that your wife can’t rely on you.

10. Not making dinner

Not everyone is blessed with culinary abilities, but that is not an excuse to always expect your wife to prepare meals for you.

“You're an adult, you should know how to make a dinner for your family,” Aaron says. “And ordering out doesn't count.”

11. Checking out other girls in front of her

You may think she doesn’t see you doing it, but believe it when we say that nothing gets past a woman’s eyes. It’s okay to look at girls and appreciate their beauty. After all, women can look at a guy and think he’s cute, too. But checking out girls in front of your wife is just wrong.

12. Not saying "I love you."

This may seem simplistic, but women especially are craving to hear these three words. “Yes, you're married to her and work your hands to the bone to provide for her and your family, but she also likes to hear that you love her,” says Aaron.

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