Women Cheating On Their Partners: Why Do Women Cheat?

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Experts say that there’s high probability of women cheating on their partners despite being in a happy marriage. Find more about it here…

Anna has been married to Pete for a little over 7 years. She’s a working mom to two cute sons and dedicated to her family.

But she has a big problem - she is attracted to another man. 

She says, "I feel we are the perfect parents to our kids. Together, we are running our little family quite well. The level of emotional intimacy we shared has changed though. Somehow, despite being happy in my marriage, I still feel a strong pull towards my colleague, Paul. Lately, I have been wondering if I want to share a deeper relationship with Paul.”

Women cheating on their partners do so for more than sex

Why do women cheat on their partners?

Ranging from revenge or boredom to sexual thrills or addictions, people may indulge in extramarital affairs for a variety of reasons. However, experts say that mostly men may cheat for sex or attention. On the other hand, women are looking for more than sex. They also want to feel an emotional connect.

Author Alicia Walker had interviewed around forty women for her research when she wrote a book on female infidelity.

She shares that women who cheated on their partners, were looking to fulfill their sexual, emotional and psychological needs. At the same time, they were often quite loving towards their spouses.

Women Cheating On Their Partners: Why Do Women Cheat?

As opposed to this, according to an experiment, the reasons for refraining from committing adultery were also of emotional nature. A desire to maintain moral standards and a fear of being alone led to most people staying loyal to their partners.

Women cheating on their partners don’t really wish to divorce them!

Most women who commit adultery, don’t have any thoughts of separating from their husbands.  In fact, psychoanalyst and writer, Esther Perel says that some women may behave better with their husbands when cheating on them. 

Women cheating on their partners don’t seem to be disillusioned about getting divorced and remarrying. All they are trying to do is maintain their families while filling up the void in their own life. 

So, ladies, instead of trying to find peace outside your relationship, try to create peace within it. Talk to your spouse about what troubles you and how to fix it. Remember, you can resolve any problem with an open conversation. All it needs is an effort from both sides.

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