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10 Amazing Disney themed lunches that kids will love

These 10 Disney themed snacks are coming to a plate near you!

Everyone loves a good Disney film. Parents, kids, you name it! Just about everyone can identify at least one Disney movie character. So imagine the look of wonderment and joy on your kid’s face when you serve them a Disney themed meal. has brought the magic of Disney movies to your kid’s next snack.

Check out some of their magical Disney themed creations:

1. Frozen

frozen lunch

For the first time in forever your kids can have a Frozen themed snack!


2. Mulan


Your kids will love this healthy, and crafty Mulan themed lunch.

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3. Finding Nemo

finding nemo

With snacks like these, who needs anemones?


4. Jessie from Toy Story toy story

Your kids will get a taste of the wild west with this Toy Story themed lunch.


5. Jake and the Neverland Pirates

jake and the neverland pirates

Your kids will be off to Neverland with this nutritious and fun treat.


6. Planes: Fire & Rescue


Treat your kids to a brave and daring lunch with this Planes: Fire & Rescue themed snack.

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7. Monsters, Inc.

monsters inc

Boo! Nothing scary. Just a Monsters, Inc. themed lunch.


8. Big Hero 6

 big hero 6

Your kids will love this nutritious snack. Baymax is here to fight crime and your kid's hunger!


9. Mickey and Minnie

mickey and minnie

Get the kids to eat their fruits and veggies with some help from Mickey and Minnie.


10. Tangled


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your...spaghetti.


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