10 Times Mommy Dionisia Stole the Show

10 Times Mommy Dionisia Stole the Show

Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao is someone who shines just as brightly as her son. Here are the top 10 times when she stole the show!

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Just like any other traditional Filipino mother, Dionisia Pacquiao is doting and in-your-face with her coddling and care. It doesn’t matter that Manny has beaten some of the best boxers in the world or that he’s 36 years old – to her, he’s still the son she must pray over, guide and defend from anyone who might do him harm.

Even then, Mommy Dionisia has managed to capture the public’s heart with her motherly, and often amusing, ringside antics. In celebration of her, we’ve put together the top ten times when Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao has stolen the show – not just from her son, but from countless other lesser celebrities and personalities who simply pale against her:

1. When she attended the Pacquiao vs Aglieri fight and prayed like it was nobody’s business


Wearing an elegant terno didn’t stop Mommy D from getting down on her knees and asking God for a victory. If you ever want to see the power of prayer, all you have to do is watch the PacMom pray during the Pacquiao vs Algieri fight.

2. When she was serenaded by US Naval Forces

mommy dionisia

Not a lot of women get to say that they’ve been serenaded by US Naval Forces. Mommy Dionisa served as her son’s stand-in at a concert for students in the Glan School of Arts and Trades during Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Philippines 2012 when Musician 3rd Class Gabriel Brown, vocalist for the U.S. 7th Fleet Band ensemble sang to her specifically while she showed everyone her dance moves.

3. When she took over the SONA 2014 red carpet and made the best-dressed list

During a State of the Nation Address in July 2014, security had to break up the commotion caused when the PacMom strutted down the red carpet. People were falling all over themselves to take a selfie with her!

4. When she was brave enough to take on Miriam Defensor Santiago

No one messes with how Manny wants to serve his country! Mommy Dionisia had some choice words for the equally sharp-tongued Senator Santiago when the latter made comments on how Manny was dealing with the Reproductive Health bill.

Mommy D did not mince words and said, “Huwag ang anak ko ang pakialaman niyo, [ang pakialaman niyo] yung malaswa, yung, malaswa!” (Don’t mess with my son.[ Go pry on] the obscene, the obscene!)

5. When she said she wanted to marry her live-in boyfriend.

Just like any single mom, she wants to find happiness. Unafraid of societal norms or any sort of judgement, Mommy Dionisia was brave enough to say that she wanted to marry her 40 year-old live-in boyfriend.

6. When Manny said she couldn’t

It’s nice to see the Pambansang Kamao coming to Mommy Dionisia’s rescue sometimes. Manny wasn’t too keen on the idea of her remarrying especially since her first marriage to his dad hasn’t been annulled! That was a quick save.

7. When she said what Freddy Roach was too afraid to say

When Pacquiao lost via knockout to Juan Manuel Marquez. Mommy Dionisia fired first when she blasted the pastors and religiously-aligned people for changing her son’s faith, “That’s what he (Pacquiao) gets for changing his religion,” she said in December 2012.  “They always pray, with Manny losing sleep.”

Freddie Roach could only allude to the situation.

8. When she sang her unforgettable rendition of wrecking ball on Magandang Gabi Vice

You couldn’t tell that she only learned the song the night before. We can forgive her little lyric sheet because she’s 64 years old but just like Vica Ganda, we applaud the PacMom for an entertaining performance.

9. When she consoled Bradley after the fight.

We are constantly amazed at how big and open Mommy Dionisia’s heart is–even to her son’s opponents in the ring! As if she wasn’t trying to hex Bradley with good old-fashioned orations minutes before, she swoops into the ring and comforts the defeated Desert Storm with, “You win some, you lose some.”

Bradley appreciated it immensely and gave Pacquiao a thumbs up for having a wonderful, open-hearted mother.

10. When Mommy D was a ring girl and devoted mother all at once

Even before the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight started, Dionisia didn’t let the glare of the spotlight or the heat in the ring stop her from giving her final blessing to Manny. In true ring girl fashion, she showed everyone the rosary she uses to bless her son. We love those ring girl moves, Mommy D!

The Pacquiao Mayweather fight is a few hours away. What do you think Mommy Dionisia will do to ensure her son’s victory this time? What would you do to ensure your own child would succeed in life? Tell us in the comments!


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