10 Valuable life lessons only a mother could teach

10 Valuable life lessons only a mother could teach

If you're teaching your kids these lessons, then you're doing motherhood the right way!

We may never know who coined the old adage, "mommy knows best", but there's no denying the truth in those words.

No two moms are the same, but every mom is tasked with teaching their kids the basics of life. In doing so they share some of the most important life lessons with their children. And those lessons are absolutely invaluable.

I don't know where I would be in life without the wise words, and guidance I received from my mother. Truth be told, I don't care to know. What I do know is that moms have a unique ability to educate their kids and impart wisdom in a way that no one else can.

We took the time to reflect on the life lessons that moms everywhere are teaching their kids, and we've come up with 10 of the most valuable life lessons that only a mother could teach:

1. Find the silver lining

Everyone at some point in their lives will face a situation that seems less than stellar. A mom has the innate ability to help her kids to look past the gloominess and negativity and find the silver lining. At an early age, my mom taught me to search for the positive aspects in anything I do, and I've been a better person ever since. Moms everywhere help make the world a brighter place, and they teach their kids to do the same through positivity and a "glass half-full" demeanor.


2. Value of hard work

It goes without saying that moms are some of the hardest working people you'll ever know. In seeing just how much work it is it is for a mom to rear a child, we learn valuable life lessons about hard work. My mother always worked hard for everything she got in life, and she was never afraid to share her journey. In the end, it helped teach me the value of hard work and dedication. Moms every do the same for their kids, and the result is children with good work ethic and passion for whatever it is they want to do. Thanks moms!


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3. Consequences of our actions

We all make mistakes, but good mothers make sure we learn from those mistakes. Only a mom can teach her children that every action has a consequence, and no matter what, we have to own up to the results. Remember that feeling of disappointment you felt when you let Mom down? No doubt that you tried your hardest to make sure you never made her feel that way again. That's just an example of the impact your mom had on you, and how you learned the error of your ways through the consequences of your actions.


4. The basics of proper behavior

There's a pretty big stereotype supporting the idea that dads (as guys) are the "grosser" of the two parents. That might not be true, because most fathers are rather gentlemanly, but there's no doubt that mom taught you the basics of proper behavior. When I was a young man, my mom was particularly strict when it came to my behavior. Stop me if you heard these valuable lessons: Don't chew with your mouth open, no burping, hold the door open, cover your mouth when you cough, etc.

Moms have a way of teaching their kids the nuances of proper etiquette. Who knows what disgusting things I'd be doing if my mom wasn't around to teach me how to behave properly.



5. Never be jealous of others

Jealousy is a very basic feeling that we must learn to deal with. Luckily, Mom is around to teach us that we needn't ever be jealous. Moms teach us to be thankful for everything that we have and that jealousy is a trivial feeling. Whether it was a brand new toy that our fellow first grader received for his birthday, or the new car our neighbor just purchased, moms will always be there to remind you that you're right where you need to be and that envy is ignorance.


6. Use logic to solve your problems

While it's nice to think we have moms as support beam, or crutch they can't always help you. Not that they don't want to, but they need to let their kids grow. Only a mom can teach you to use logic to solve your own problems. When I was a kid, my mom used to say "use your noodle" to encourage me to figure things out on my own, and as a result I developed better problem solving skills. Moms know that if they allow us to think logically and resolve our own issues, then we'll be better, stronger people for it.


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7. Importance of willpower

Perseverance is a powerful tool. The ability to get back on the horse and try again is something that moms have been teaching their kids since the dawn of time. moms are strong willed people with incredible leadership skills and their children learn from them everyday. How? They lead by example. Children learn about the value of determination by watching their moms work hard, day in and day out. As a result, kids grow up with the resolve to push through and conquer adversity.


8. Embrace the future

No one likes change. Not even moms. That doesn't stop them from preparing their kids for the next challenge down the road. Only a great mom can rear her child and lead them to being the best person they can be. Moms help us to embrace the future and to never be afraid of it. Whatever comes next in your life, there's no doubt that your mom has taught you that you can handle it with ease.



9. How to love and respect others

Moms are masters in teaching their children how to love and respect others! Maybe it's because they have so much love to give, or maybe it's because they know it's such an incredible life lesson. Either way, the world is a better place because of the lessons moms teach their kids about loving and respecting others. Moms teach us the value of sensitivity, understanding, and how to care for someone other than ourself.


10. Believe in yourself

Sure, it's easy to over-inflate a kid's ego or self-esteem, but that's not what moms do. They simply encourage us to be the best we can be and to always believe in ourselves. Only moms can teach us that if we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything that we want. They teach us to set goals, and never underestimate what we can do if we truly believe in ourselves.


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