18 best dog breeds for your child

18 best dog breeds for your child

We've all seen the cute videos of kids and their dogs. Growing up with a pet is one of the best memories a parent can give to their kids. So for the parents planning add a fur baby to their family, here are the best dog breeds for your kids.

The best dog breeds for kids

1. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

A calm and gentle dog who is happy to be combed and brushed. Although this dog breed is not much into games, it is perfect for a more urban lifestyle and a sensitive child.

2. Golden retriever

This dog breed is one of the most famous dogs because they are known for being gentle and caring. They are able to lounge around the house for an afternoon or take a hike through the woods. They are also stoic when it come to kids pulling in their ears or tugging their tails.

3. Labrador retriever

These dogs may be intimidating because of their size but they are one of the best dog breeds for your child. This breed never runs out of energy when it comes to games and play. It is suited for a child who likes to run, throw balls and Frisbee.

4. Rescue dogs

Aspins deserve love too. Although many are afraid, most rescue dogs are gentle and loving waiting for their new family with kids. Most shelters allow meet-and-greet times where families and pets are allowed to interact to find the right fit. Check out Paws for their latest adoptees.

5. Beagle

You can't have a best dog breed for kids list without these cute, sweet and gentle dogs that thrive on companionship. This dog breed is loving by nature, loves to play, and have goofy personalities. However, pass beagles up if your house is always empty during the day.

6. Irish setter

These large and regal looking dogs are energetic beyond words. Being known for having a long lifespan, this dog breed can grow up with kids. With their lively dispositions, they make great companions and are great with kids.

7. French bulldog

These little dogs have big personalities. Bred to be companion dogs, they are known for being affectionate in nature and their "bat" ears. Perfect for apartment dwellers, Frenchies do well in small spaces and love being around kids.

8. Boxer

Loyal and protective to those who love them, these energetic dogs have a calm disposition. They love to play and need lots of exercise. Be sure not to play with them too hard in hot weather as they have the tendency to over-heat like other "squish-face" dog breeds.

9. Bichon frise

Sweet, affectionate and playful, these little bundles of low-shedding fur are some of the friendliest dogs on the planet. A perfect playmate for energetic children, their small size makes them a great city dog. Just make sure to give them consistent training and moderate amounts of activity.

10. Cocker spaniel

They are gentle, loving, very smart, love being around children, and tend to always put themselves in the middle of the action. This dog breed make great therapy dogs and maybe a good fit for an anxious or special needs child. Keeping them groomed is important as their floppy ears are prone to infections.

11. Collie

One of the smartest dog breeds, collies make great family pets. Besides their intelligence, they are also known for being loyal and protective. They like nothing more than to engage in activity with the children who love them.

12. Poodle

Being the closest to a completely hypoallergenic dog, poodles are perfect for the allergy-prone child. These adorable goofballs are super-smart, easy to train, adapt well to new situations, and love kids. They love being dressed-up too.

13. Labradoodle

Intentionally breeding two of the bests dog breeds for children, you can't go wrong with a labradoodle. They are medium-shedders and could be trained as guide dogs for the visually-impaired. These dogs are as affectionate as they are adorable.

14. Pug

Perfect for those that prefer gentle play, their adorable smiling faces and cozying-up tendencies make them one of the best dog breeds for children. They're clever, quiet and make great family pets as they are bred to be lap dogs.—

15. Chihuahua

The tiniest among dog breeds, they are very loyal to their families and tend to adore children. They're easy to train and love cuddling on the lap of the person who loves them best.

16. Chug

This dog breed is comprised of pug and chihuahua ancestry. Although their characteristics vary from liter to liter, most will make good family dogs as they are loyal, affectionate, intelligent and love play.

17. Bull terriers

Fantastic pets for older kids, bull terriers are known for their silly, comical antics, and crowd-pleasing behavior. Aside from being mischievous, playful and charming, they are also very protective and very trainable. Just keep in mind that they need lots of exercise and lots of love.

18. Havanese

Very social and outgoing, they have exuberant personalities and adore people of all ages. Being a toy breed, they're perfect for some moderate play as much as being a silly, outgoing friend for children.


Keep in mind that like people, dogs have personalities and quirks no matter what breed they are. Children also have different needs, energy levels and personalities. Ideally, people should select a breed based upon the anticipated lifestyle of the dog, being mindful to match the personality and age of the child and the traits of the breed. Additionally, parents must remember that nothing can replace careful monitoring of the child with the pet and good training.


Source: Reader's Digest

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