20 Gorgeously unique names for babies

20 Gorgeously unique names for babies

Expecting parents, these beautifully distinct names are perfect choices for your son or daughter!

Finding a name for your child that's equal parts beautiful and distinct is a tough task. The rise in unique names is apparent and while there are tons of interesting and rare names for baby boys and baby girls available, we've stumbled across yet another list of exotic names that you'll absolutely adore.

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The list was originally published by Family Share, and it features 20 of the most gorgeously unique names you'll ever hear! There're 10 names for boys, and 10 names for girls, so no matter what the sex of your baby is, you're sure to find something interesting on the list!

Check these amazing baby names and let us know what you think:

For baby girls:

  1. Tessie

  2. Addilyn

  3. Merritt

  4. Sybil

  5. Noely

  6. Lilou

  7. Sidra

  8. Finola

  9. Lilibeth

  10. Olympia


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For baby boys:

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  1. Morrison

  2. Prescott

  3. Griffeth

  4. Fielding

  5. Raul

  6. Calloway

  7. Langley

  8. Brecken

  9. Maxfield

  10. Redmond


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