3 Amazing Possible Stories that will leave you smiling, crying, and inspired

3 Amazing Possible Stories that will leave you smiling, crying, and inspired

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing your child do things for the first time. Regardless of the event, as moms, it’s needless to say that our kids make us proud no matter what. 

In light of NANKID® OPTIPRO®’s campaign, they have partnered with theAsianparent in encouraging moms to share their proudest moments. These stories will have you hugging your kids in the next few minutes because of the awe-worthy moments you’re about to read. 

Mommy Seyrah and Cady

Mommy Seyrah’s story is just the one that gets your tears running. Her proudest moments started even before her daughter, Cady, was born. Amidst the diagnosis of her lacking in fluids, and Cady being born weighing less than normal, her daughter still fought like a champ!


All of the nurses and Pedia Doctor celebrated her FIRST WIN! She makes me so PROUD even she was very little. And until now, she amazed me with all her milestones and mostly her CHARM.” 

Mommy Julie Ann and Juliene

Every moment with our kid is precious and Mommy Julie Ann couldn’t have said it any better. All children are different and this super mom just loves every bit of her kids. Appreciating her daughter’s quirks, Mommy Julie Ann simply adores how her daughter grows into a curious young woman, waiting to conquer the world with her wit, wisdom, and love.


“One of the first moment Juliene amazed me was the time she did her first ramp modeling. I know she’s nervous as I can see it on her face while waiting, but when its her time to do the runway its like she’s on a totally confident persona.”

Seeing our children grow and becoming their own person is probably one of the most tear-jerking experiences ever. Don’t you agree?

Mommy Jovy and Zayn

To us moms, there’s no better compliment than hearing our children being praised for outstanding values. The same goes for Mommy Jovy when it comes to her son, Zayn.

“The first time that I was amazed by him is when I saw him sharing his food with other children...as his mom, I really felt happy because I know someday if someone needs help he is the one who will surely reach out for that.”


This inspiring story teaches us that apart from appreciating every achievement, our proudest moments should come from the values that our kids adopt. It’s heart-warming to see our child become a role model themselves and knowing that they would be both successful and full of values just makes us stand with our chin up! 

Your Child’s Success Starts From You

Our child may be their own person but what they learn and how they go about life starts at home. As parents, we have the responsibility to support them in becoming the best they can be while guiding them along the way. 

As part of giving them what they need to help achieve their amazing possibles is making sure they get all the nutrients they need to become stronger. This is why NANKID® OPTIPRO® continues to act as the parents’ partner to help give kids the nutritional value with Optimized Protein, Probiotics, DHA & ARA and No Added Sucrose (table sugar). This holistic blend of nutrients naturally help kids’ bring out their “Amazing Possibles”. 

Want to Share Your Kid’s “Amazing Possibles”?

Remember how your kid made you proud the first time? 

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NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR are not breastmilk substitutes. These products are for healthy children above 3 years of age.

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